Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association added 6 Fucoidan products to it's list



Japan Health and Nutrition Association


Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association was established in April 1985 as an organization authorized by the former Ministry of Health and Welfare, or Kosei-sho of the Japanese Government,  in order to contribute to the maintenance and promotion of public health from a public health viewpoint as a juridical entity that sets voluntary standards for each category of dietary supplements and approves display of the JHFA mark on products that meet these standards.

JHFA has approved 5, and 5 only, Fucoidan products. Below is a list of JHFA Certified Fucoidan brands:

1. フコミン

2. 《海の雫》カプセルタイプ - Umi No Shizuku

3. フコイダンカプセル

4. メカブフコイダン

5. フコイダンブイ

6. 海の詩