Research Members



Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa


Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa graduated from School of Medicine at Fakuoka University in Japan. He started his career as a Medical Faculty member at the Department of Orthopaedics/Plastic Surgery in Fukuoka University, and later he joined the Department of Surgery at the Fukuoka University Tsukushi Hospital. 

After graduating from Pathomorphology from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Fukuoka University, he was involved in apoptosis research in cancer as a medical specialist that won him the Fukuoka University Medical Association Award. He is a board-certified physician by the Japan Surgical Society and is also serving as a medical specialist with the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. In addition, he is very knowledgeable in supplements and is engaged in the clinical research of fucoidan as a Director of the NPO Research Institute of Fucoidan. In 2004, he was listed in the “Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare” published in the United States. Dr. Tachikawa currently serves as the Vice President of Wakamiya Hospital, Shuusuido Medical Corporation.




Dr. Yoshiyuki Miyazaki


After obtaining his doctorate from the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University, he was involved in basic research in immunology both as a researcher at the School of Medicine in Kyushu University, and as a research associate at Saga Medical School Faculty of Medicine, Saga University. In 2010, he joined the NPO Research Institute of Fucoidan as a Principal Investigator and was subsequently appointed as the President of the same institute. Since 2014, he has served as an Academic Researcher at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University, and expanded his field of activities since 2016 to serve as an Associate Professor in the “Laboratory of Bioactive Polysaccharide Analysis”.