Testimonials from Fucoidan Users

The testimonials are translated directly from the ones written in the user's own language with a purpose of preserve his original tone. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 


Testimonial 1 -Thyroid cancer

Name: Ms. Hia

Age: 59

Location: Singapore, Singapore

On July 15, 2014, I received the biopsy results from my doctor, mentioning that I was suffering from Thyroid Cancer; and likely that a tumor had been formed. My Doctor proposed to perform surgery as soon as possible. He did not mention which stage of cancer I had.

I was totally shocked, confused and started blaming myself for not taking good care of my diet all this time.

I decided to defer my surgery for one month hoping to source for alternative ways to get rid of the Cancer cells in my thyroid.

I tried taking supplements which were claimed to have cancer fighting effect. However, to my disappointment, my health condition did not improve until I saw the newspaper advertising of “Fucoidan” and I decided that this would be my last try before I step into the operation theater.

After knowing the functions of Fucoidan products, I decided to give it a try by purchasing one box of Liquid Fucoidan and started to consume 1 bottle per day (split into 4 times a day) immediately.

I was well awake on the first night, and I was not tired at all till the next day. I called to the Customer Care Office to share with them how I felt. As fucoidan can improve one's blood circulation and make one refreshing, I was advised to take my last dosage earlier to avoid the possibility of having insomnia .

My sleeping condition has improved after I adjusted the timing for my last dosage.

I took the liquid product for about one and a half month before I decided to go for the surgery in November 2014. 

I stayed in hospital for 3 days after my surgery. The doctor was amazed by the fast healing of the open wound and commented that for usual cases, it would take a patient to stay in the hospital for 5 days. I was glad that the Fucoidan helped to speeding up my recovery from the surgery.

While waiting in anxiety for the lab test result, I was overwhelmed with what would come next? Series of treatments plans waiting ahead for me; can I manage to survive? How to get on with life? To my surprise, doctor came back with a piece of good news. That was, I was actually cancer free!

My effort in changing my lifestyle and eating habits pays off with a fruitful return of getting my health back. I must also thank Fucoidan which helped in boosting my immune system and fighting against cancer.

I am aware that we are exposed to free radicals every minute which eventually will become cancerous in our body. Therefore, I decided to continue with taking Fucoidan capsules for health maintenance purposes.

I will continue to share the goodness of Fucoidan to help others like me and hope that they are also lucky to have their health back.

May, 2016


Testimonial 2 -Colon cancer

Name: Y.X. Liu

Age: 69

Location: Tallahassee, Florida, USA

I moved to United States in March 2006.  Before I move to United States, I had thyroid cancer. After I am living in the states, my daughter takes care of my living and dietary, the tumor has been effectively controlled.

In May 2014, I went to the emergency room due to my foot edema. After testing and consulting with several doctors, I was diagnosed with colon cancer in stage 3 and need for surgery. On June 1, 2014, I had the first surgery in my life. However the operation went very well. I left the hospital after two weeks.

In April 24 2015, due to the recurrence of colon cancer, I went for the second surgery, the surgery went very well, I was hospitalized for nearly a week.

In November 2015, I was recommended to take Fucoidan by friend. I bought two bottles of capsules, and was taking Fucoidan 3 times per day , half an hour before 3 meals. I still keep this amount of Fucoidan every day. I had colonoscopy in March 2016, and everything was normal.

Recently I am getting better every day, I am happy and relieved. I feel more calm than before, now I have good mood, and become energitic again.  Before taking Fucoidan I had nocturia, and had to go to restroom 3 to 4 times per night, but now I only go 1 time . I have a history of high blood pressure and blood pressure was up to 220, the low pressure was 110, now my blood pressure is almost normal,  I feel better right now because I believe  Fucoidan is the one that helped me to be well again. I sincerely thank the leader and all the staff who work in the Fucoidan’s customer service center department. I will recommend fucoidan to my colleagues, friends and social community.  

Wish you all happiness, health and development in your business.


May 13th, 2016

Testimonial 3 - Stomach cancer

Name: T.Y. Pham

Age: 84

Location: Dong Nai, Vietnam

Daughter wrote in behave of her mother:

Aprill 2016, I heard from family that my mom was gotten a serious ill, immediately I came back to visit her, I am currently living in California, USA.

My mom was so thin, within 1 month she lost 5 Kg weight, after did every examination in Hoa Hao hospital, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The tumor occupies almost all of the stomach, and there are some signals that it is spreading into some parts around.

My mom got many problems in eating, vomiting after eat, day by day, she couldn’t eat anything and get worse. She couldn’t walk as normal person. Doctor required that we have to let her have surgery and then do the chemotherapy by sign in committed form.

We were very worry because her situation was very serious, I was afraid that she couldn’t got through the surgery. Luckily, I saw an advertisement on TV about Fucoidan, I bought it for mom.

May 2016, the surgery operation was done.  All of mom’s stomach tumors were removed. My family prepared for the worst case because her health was very bad. Amazingly, one month later, my mom recuperated gradually. She kept taking 2 bottles of Fucoidan per day, she can eat more a little bit and gain about 4kg weight.

Sep 2016, she did the re-examination doctor said that there is no sign of cancer in her body. Now, she is living a normal life as she hasn’t got cancer, she cooks for all members of family, walk around and do some simple things. My family is very glad; we would like to give the real thanks to Fucoidan.

May 11th, 2016

Testimonial 4 - Lung cancer

Name: X.Q. Huang

Address: Miaoli Town, Taiwan

Age: 77

Fucoidan helps me live a normal life with cancer

I will be 78 years old in June this year.  When I was 69 years old (May 2008) , I started coughing nonstop. So I went to see both Chinese doctor and western doctor, but none of them worked. Then I went to Taizhong Rongzong Hospital and was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer stage 3. I was hospitalized in June 2008 and started my treatment right after.

Since mid-June, I started doing both Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.   I did radiation therapy once per day five times a week expect public holidays and typhoon days.  I did in total 25 times radiation therapy. At the same time did 4 big and two small sessions of chemotherapy. That is every month 2 small sessions first (can be done at the clinic and go home the same day) , and then 1 big session which requires to be hospitalized for 3 days.  During the time when I was doing chemotherapy, I felt really sick. Even though I didn’t vomit, but I kept getting hiccups, had no appetite, lost some hair,   and lost strength. My white blood cell count went down to around 2000 counts which led to a weak immunity. Thus I had to wear mouth mask staying at home, and was not able to meet up with friends or even go out to avoid getting infection. I was going to do 6 big sessions and 12 small sessions of chemotherapy, but due to my condition; I had to cut off and only did 4 big ones and 8 small ones instead.

When I was resting at home, in Oct. 2008, I saw the advertisement about Dr. Tachikawa’s book “Amazing power of Fucoidan”. I immediately called and purchased the book. I was convinced by the book and called the customer center and ordered 3 bottles of capsule type Fucoidan from the brand recommended by Dr. Tachikawa. Since November the same year, I started to take 15 capsules Fucoidan every day, divided into 4 times.

I began to feel my body was getting stronger. My white blood cell counts went up to 5000-6000 counts. Thus, I decided to continue purchasing Fucoidan, 6 or 12 bottles per order. Till now, I am still taking Fucoidan 5 capsules (2 caps in the morning, 3 caps before sleep) every day for health maintenance.   Since 2008, I have been taking Fucoidan for 8 years, never stopped.

At the end of 2008, I did another three sessions of chemotherapy. After that I did X-ray and CT scan, the result showed the tumor calcified.

It is very important to prevent cancer recur or metastasize to other organs. Thus, I continued to talk Fucoidan, 8 capsules or 10 capsules every day. I am not taking any other western or Chinese medicines, only catch out my diet and do exercise regularly.

Besides, I used to fell discomfort in my stomach. My family doctor said I the reason was pylori. He prescript antibiotic to me but none of them works. After taking Fucoidan, I had never felt discomfort in my stomach again. I think Fucoidan helped with my pylori problem. In Oct 2013, there was a free colon check provided by the government. My test result showed “positive” which got my worried. However, after a more detailed check at Taizhong Rongzong hospital, the doctor said everything is done. I think this is also because of Fucoidan helping clean up my colon.

Even though none knows if I my cancer cells are completely cleared or not, but I believe I can live a normal life with cancer. There are some American doctor said “people with lung cancer are because of bad luck”. Maybe it is true since I don’t smoke and I’m not living in a second-hand smoke environment either. How to live with cancer normally? I think there are three important things: can eat, can sleep, and can discharge.

(1) Can eat: eat both meat and vegetables. Eat meat, fish, egg, vegetables and fruits. Have a balanced diet, don’t be picky or over eating. I eat all kinds of fruits depends on the season, such as banana, kiwi, pomegranate, apple, papaya, pineapple and so on. Eat three meals per day. Don’t worry about hypertension/high cholesterol/diabetes. One has to intake protein to fight against virus and bacteria.

(2) Can sleep: do not eat spicy food. I go swim and SPA every morning, and take 1 hour nap every afternoon. After the nap, I usually drink coffee, eat a piece of cookie, read newspaper, and do some choruses. After dinner, I will brush my teeth and not eating anything afterwards (only drink water and take Fuocidan), read books, watch TV or listen to music. I go to bed at around 11pm, and would pass out right after I lay down. I weak up at 5:40am everyday.

(3)Can discharge: I pass stool once per day. As long as one eat enough fiber and drink water, one will have no problem discharge. Sometimes people may discharge twice or three times a day, that’s ok too. But if more than that or constipated, one should go see a doctor.

Moreover, one should keep mental peace and a positive attitude, and live a happy life. I am too old to worry about small things in life. As long as I can have a normal life, keep taking Fucoidan, and live with cancer peacefully, that will be enough for me.

April 30th, 2016


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